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Data types

At the point of importing your spreadsheet, Sheetlabs will attempt to infer the data types that are contained within your spreadsheet. These data types are important for the generation of the APIs later on. For example, integer types allow you to search ranges of values, whilst string types allow partial matches.

If you are not happy with the field types that are inferred for your data table, you can click Advanced when importing the data table and choose different types.

Sheetlabs uses the following data types:

  • string: A UTF-8 string, supporting the full unicode character set. API clients may search on partial inputs.
  • integer: A signed 64-bit integer.
  • double: A signed floating point number of up to 65 digits in length (including integer and fractional parts).
  • boolean: A simple true/false boolean value. May also be expressed as 1 (true) or 0 (false).
  • datetime: An ISO 8601 formatted date with accompanying time component. All dates are internally stored in UTC.