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Using Sheetlabs APIs

Sheetlabs is a platform that allows organisations to easily create APIs from spreadsheets. If you’re reading this documentation, then it’s very likely that the API you’re trying to use is built on the Sheetlabs platform!

The good news is that Sheetlabs APIs are very easy to work with, with documented code samples for common programming languages and globally redundant infrastructure to ensure that the APIs are always online.

Are you looking to create your own Sheetlabs APIs? You should instead be reading the documentation for creating Sheetlabs APIs.


Getting started with a Sheetlabs API is very simple:

  1. You should have been provided a link to the documentation for your specific API. The link should look something like
  2. Copy the code example at the bottom of the API documentation, taking care to populate any parameters that need to be set.
  3. Run it!

As an example, here is an API that returns the first ever 100 domain names:

APIs may optionally support lots of other features, such as filtering of results, authentication, and more. Refer to the documentation for your specific API to find out what is supported.